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JP Precision Machined Parts - NBQ - Nothing But Quality

Precision Mating Parts (+/-.0005)With Our Years Of Experience Coupled With Modern CNC Machines - Your Parts To Print Everytime! Super Precision From Our Two Hardinge CHNC3's

Small & Large Diameter Turning (.062" to 10.0")

9.0" Diameter Sealing Ring 316SSTLarge Diameter Turning With Our Mori Seiki SL3B. Heavy Duty Power With Super Precision. 9.0" Diameter Ring From 316 SST

VCR Gland 316L SSTHigh Purity VCR Gland For The Semiconductor Industry. Our Hardinge Cobra Slant Can Hold +/- .0002 Proven Perfomance On Many High-Tolerance Parts

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SST Sink FlangeLaboratory Sink Flange. This Was An M.I.T. Conversion To All Stainless  Steel Plumbing Our Hardinge Cobra CNC Strikes Again!

Diaphragm Pump Valve Body 6061 ALOur Mori Seiki MV40 CNC Machines Your Parts To Perfection. This 6061 Aluminum Workpiece Has A Flatness Tolerance of +/- .0005 - JP Delivers NBQ Everytime!

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Keypad Bezel 6061 ALSmall Keypad Bezel Out Of 6061 Aluminum. Our Bridgeport TC3 CNC Set With Multiple Work Holding Stations Makes These At 10 Parts Per Load.

Precision CNC Milling up to 38" Long With End-Working Drill/Tap to 48" Long!

2-3/4" ULTEM Cup2-3/4" Diameter Cup Made From ULTEM Plastic With +/-.002 Tolerance All Over. JP Machines ALL Exotic Plastics To Your Specifications! 

1-3/4" HEX Fitting 303 SST1-3/4" HEX With Special SAE Threads. JP Specializes In Any Type Of Fitting. Special Threads, Adapters, Tough Materials - No Problem!

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3.0" Delrin Seal CapNatural Delrin O-Ring Seal Cap. +/- .001 With 32 RMS Finish All Over. This 3.0" Diameter Workpiece Was Machined Dry Without Coolant. JP Finds A Way Everytime!

303 SST Super Precision ShaftPrecision Shafting With Keyway & Thru Hole 90 Degrees Apart. JP Held A Tolerance of: +.0003 / -.0000 on this 303 SST Shaft.

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